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Certified quality that keeps you moving

Puma Lubricants Certified quality that keeps you moving

We are passionate about Lubricants. We are experts. We are professionals. We are the New Standard. We are Puma Lubricants.

Puma Energy which operates across 48 countries and five continents has put over two decades of knowledge and expertise into its lubricant offer.

Puma Energy has relaunched its range of lubricants in 2014 with the vision to offer high quality and affordable lubricants to its customers. Puma Lubricants sales have aggressively expanded globally over the past 3 years. Puma Lubricants are marketed across Africa in countries such as Angola, the Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Similarly, the company markets its lubricants products in countries in Central America such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru, Columbia… and in Asia-Pacific in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Puma Lubricants has a high quality range of products which offers both reliability and performance while catering for all customer needs. Puma Lubricants exceeds automotive and industry specifications, using the latest state-of-the-art molecular technology approved by all major original equipment manufacturers.

Thanks to its advanced technology, Puma new high-performance Lubricants provide maximum protection and lower fuel consumption, which translate into greater benefits for drivers as well as productivity for businesses of different industries such as: agriculture, construction, light and heavy transport, and the B2B market in general.

Puma Energy has a passion for quality. The company’s focus lies in guaranteeing our industrial clients, businesses, and consumers the best lubricants in the market to reduce operational costs and provide better performance.

Puma Energy’s Lubricants have undergone a complete brand overhaul and now have a new image that is attractive and fresh, and reflects the product’s innovative properties. These products are backed by an integrated team of experts who are dedicated to support customers locally when and where needed, and are committed to keeping the company’s promise that guarantees the timely delivery of their products.

In addition to offering the highest standard of lubricants in the industry, Puma Energy has the capacity to provide its clients with a compelling value proposition that supports profitability for high street customers and lowers the operational costs for B2B customers. With a direct Puma organization in each market, customers can count on quicker and better support and knowledge from their supplier.

Consumers can acquire any of these high-performance lubricants through local high street outlets and also through Puma’s network of about 837 service stations in the 19 countries where it operates within Africa, as well as in their network of over 3,082 service stations around the world.

Puma Energy’s strategy is to become one of the leading brands in the industry by offering unique, innovative, and state-of-the-art products that increase client productivity and protect their investments.

Our customers can rely on Puma Energy to manage an integrated supply chain of OEM approved lubrication products and service delivery programs resulting in tailored programs that create value, improved maintenance practices and reduce the total cost of operations.


Trust Puma Lubricants.

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