Puma Energy and AP Oil

AP oil release

Puma Energy expands its lubricants offer across Middle East and Asia Pacific with AP Oil

Puma Energy, the globally integrated midstream and downstream energy company is pleased to announce it has signed a supply agreement with AP Oil to blend its high-quality lubricant products, as it expands its offering across Middle East and Asia Pacific [MEAP].

Following the successful introduction of the Puma Lubricants brand in Africa and the Americas, Puma Lubricants is now present in 31 countries. The next expansion opportunity for Puma Energy was to market its Puma Lubricants brand in the Middle East and Asia Pacific markets, where Puma Energy already has successful operations.

Commenting on the Puma Lubricants expansion, Govert Spit, Global Head of Puma Lubricants says, “With more than 40 years of experience in blending for major oil companies, AP Oil is well equipped to blend Puma Lubricant products, ensuring that we deliver high-quality lubricant products on time to support our clients into the future.”

He adds, “The appointment of AP Oil is a major step in the execution and success of Puma Lubricants strategy to grow our own Lubricants brand in the MEAP region. We have already a strong position in Middle East and Asia Pacific and now with a strategically well placed partner, we will continue to enlarge our footprint in more countries”.

Based in Singapore, AP Oil was the first independent blending plant in Singapore and now has offices in Singapore, Vietnam and China.

“This is a great recognition for AP Oil to be chosen by Puma Energy to support their Lubricants business in the MEAP region. Puma Energy has a highly successful growth track record and we look forward to partnering with this dynamic, premium brand. With AP Oil’s expertise in the sector and experience in the region, we believe we can achieve great growth synergies with Puma” says Ho Chee Hon, CEO of AP Oil.